Gratitude Science!

The power of gratitude cannot be overstated, and yet all too often in the workplaces of today it is overlooked as unnecessary, and employees looking for appreciation are seen as entitled. The natural outcome of such sinister symptoms is disengagement and an ever-growing rate of turnover in the organization. See how gratitude in the brain combats this for the giver AND the receiver!

Generations of Gratitude

Gratitude has a measurable impact on the brain. But does it influence different brains in different ways? Many leaders might find themselves saying “sure, showing gratitude may motivate other employees, but our workforce is too young, too senior or [insert description here].”

We conducted an in-depth, double-blind, physician-supervised, peer-reviewed study (not really) on how gratitude penetrates and influences the minds of different generations, and what we discovered may surprise you (it's pretty common sense, actually).


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